Apr 23

My favourite package design!

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Yes, I am Swedish. Yes, I am a Kamprad fan. Yes, I buy my furniture at IKEA. But the reason for having chosen the biscuit pack at IKEA as my favourite package design is not my addiction to IKEA, but that this package design expresses so well my philosophy of package design: simplify, amplify and surprise. I should like to know the designer who by knowledge or pure instinct got it so right.

Great 3D effect having the biscuits in the background out of focus.

You will find only the four letters, I, K, E and A as biscuits. So simple, so powerful.

Basically only 3 elements, the red background, the brown biscuits and the word KEX (“IKEA food” and netweight are not really necessary).

The taste is amplified by the amount of biscuits which overlap on all side panels.

Appetite appeal
If not 100%, it still is very good as the biscuits haved not been retouched and are uneven (as the chocolate pieces on all the Magnum illustrations).

Last, but not least, this design proves that package design can be simple if the designer knows the job and legislation.

Most marketing people believe you need this and that, when, in reality, the European legislation gives us the freedom to design with common sense hierarchy.

On the back and sides we will find the ingredients list in 16 languages (no nutritional information is legally necessary), best before date, barcode and producing company, as well as the e-mail address to IKEA.

I just wish that product and brand managers, i.e. those who decide upon package design, would go for what really interests the consumer which is totally different from one category of food to another and often so from what their guidelines, best practice, legal advisors, etc. tell them to do.

Long live IKEA!

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