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The backpanel

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The role of the back panel on food packaging is to
increase consumption and/or amplify pleasure

If the role of the front panel design is to stimulate purchase, either through strong branding, appetite appeal, special offer or product advantage, the role of the back panel is re-purchase, i.e. strengthen the bond between the consumer and the brand/producer. If this is the case, why are so many back panels on food packaging totally uninteresting, to such a degree that the consumer does not even look at them?

There are mainly five reasons for this:
The responsible person does not believe in the above statement, i.e. that back panels on food packaging are uninteresting.

The responsible person does not understand what design can do to make things attractive, clear, simple and interesting.

The responsible person does not have a knowledge of hierarchy, i.e. what is of primary and secondary importance to the consumer.

The responsible person has chosen a design agency which has no or little knowledge of communication on food packaging.

The responsible person does not care!

It is not difficult to design a good back panel (or rather service panel) if the designer approaches this task as an editor of a daily or weekly paper/journal approaches his or her readers … with words, pictures and layout that invites reading. This is unfortunately seldom the case today as the responsible person tries, above all, to please the legal advisors, the boss, guidelines, rules or best practices! Instead of using common sense.

Furthermore, there is a misunderstanding about what has to appear, what can appear, should appear, may appear, etc.
Here are 3 basic rules to follow when designing the service panel for food packaging:

  1. How to best enjoy the product, which means how to prepare and consume it.
  2. How to contact the company for more information (recipes, tips, etc.) or comments, i.e. a big website, a telephone number, an e-mail and postal address.
  3. How to best explain nutrition, i.e. simple and understandable data related to the product in question.

Only when these three criteria have been fully taken care of, come legal texts such as ingredients, net weight, bar code, date marking, etc…

Follow the above advice when you next design for food packaging and you will notice the sales increase.

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