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Pack Attack #3 Chopin's Mineral Water

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In 2010 Poland celebrates the Year of Chopin. There are numerous art events going on and the tracks  of the great composer is seen everywhere. Joanna Troszynska has sent a bottle etiquette with Chopin, designed by Andrzej Pagowski.

What’s Lars Wallentin’s comment on the “Cisowianka” bottle?

– Nice design but not a great design.. too foreseeable, no real surprise, says Lars Wallentin as he makes a draft on his ideas.

– My counterproposal has no real surprise either, but it follows these two basic rules:

– 1 …Never repeat logotypes or messages! The neck label can have another SELLING text to render communication more interesting.

– 2 …If the label is oval (i.e. a die-cut label) why not make it “specially oval” by letting Chopin’s head stick out? At CocaCola they call it “the broken line”.

Breaking the rules of artwork is one way to push the commercial design forward. Right, Joanna?

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  • I concorde with Lars; no surprise in this packaging. I think it is dommage because
    the label contains all the elements to do a great job; typographical elements, illustrations, free format. No one of these elements is not successfull;
    but I think that together in the composition they don’t give the right armony and magic.

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