Aug 16

The 5 stages…

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…to successfully visualize and verbalize an idea

1st stage
DESIGN the key properties, i.e. the visual and verbal identity for the brand or product to be used in ALL media. This is a conceptual work, i.e. an IDEA and not a final execution! To be done in collaboration with Design and Advertising agencies. The idea is best ‘conceptualized’ with rough layouts using traditional magic marker sketches.

2nd stage
Execute the chosen idea in several media as for instance packaging, print advertising, website, POS material, TV or outdoor. Here the design computer is the best tool, but remember that the execution is still on the conceptual stage. Do not yet judge the executional quality!

3rd stage
Design the final execution of this idea for the package which will ALWAYS be the main medium for the identity as this is what the consumer is looking for and buying. Build in a powerful ‘call-to-action’ message, be it an extraordinary appetite appeal, a powerful USP text, easy-opening or re-closure systems, a nutritional plus, etc.

4th stage
Prepare a one-page identity sheet with a short explanatory text and DISTRIBUTE it to all parties involved, i.e. agencies, purchasing, sales people, legal advisors, etc.

5th stage
UPDATE, SIMPLIFY AND AMPLIFY continuously. A brand or product identity is a living matter as the competitors and distribution channels change.

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