Oct 04

Food & drink communication

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When designing for print, POP, packaging, outdoor, vehicles, etc.:

1.       determine priorities (simplify, amplify, delete);

2.       determine what will be ‘the BIG one’ to catch attention;

3.       amplify contrast (drop shadows, halo effects, etc.);

4.       introduce a touch of surprise;

5.       be flexible with key visuals. Adapt so that they maximize communication and size impression;

6.       exaggerate appetite appeal;

7.       3D gives depth! Take advantage of what your design computer can do;

8.       make your icon more important than your logotype. It has more emotion;

9.       reduce text to a strict minimum;

10.    verify your communication by asking the opinion from a third person.

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  • Miguel Mayen says:


    I am from Guatemala I was wondering the web searching for pro designers that where dedicated just to design packaging and fast food prints ads , do you happen to know names, it’s for Pizza Hut and KFC.

    many thanks


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