Jun 28

Why Coca-Cola is the biggest brand

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When teaching design and communication I often ask the question: Why is Coke so big and why will KitKat most likely become the second biggest FMCG product?

I never get the right answer. I get comments about logotypes, identity, colours, shapes, etc. which of course all are part of the story.

The correct answer is TASTE! Do you purchase a second time something you don’t like? We very often overlook what the former CEO of Nestlé, Peter Brabeck, said so well: “A strong brand tastes better, but the real strength of a brand is only as strong as the product behind it”.

Obviously identity, design, branding, a slogan, etc. play a big role for these brands which are, in my opinion, well dealt with over the years, but without constant updating of product quality and product packaging these brands would not be what they are, icons in a world crowded by products, services and experiences.

Which brings me to packaging, as this is so often synonymous with the product. It is in the world of packaging where Coca-Cola has been, during the last decade, very creative with both material and design.

Most new versions of the famous glass bottle have been close to the original (middle), but Coca-Cola has also, for very small editions, gone very far (right and left).

If these designs seem quite different one from the other, we shall not forget that the content is always the same and it is precisely this content that makes it the biggest product on earth!

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  • The other day i asked for a Coke and the waitress replied :” Is Pepsi Ok ? ” What should be the answer in this case Sir ?

  • Damien B says:

    I would answer : “Bill paid with Monopoly notes, is it OK ??”

    Well, this kind of suggestion from waitresses shows the Coca-Cola’s popularity around the world !!!

    Can you imagine they ask if it doesn’t matter to have another drink even similar… This is quite powerful for Coca-Cola !!!

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