Dec 20

Thank you Göteborg!

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My book is for anyone who wants to learn tried and true ways of making packages that sell. And it’s not only the very first book on packaging communication; I hope to make it the first in a series. No doubt there’s enough to say about this misunderstood and overlooked topic to fill many books. So many lessons to learn from a long history of good and bad packaging – 40 years of which I’ve spent making groundbreaking packs with talented people both inside and outside Nestlé.

Most people in the packaging business know their stuff. Manufacturers know technology, designers know beauty and purchasers know a good price. They know their stuff, but nobody looks at the big picture. When it comes to efficient communication – making sure a package not only looks great but also sells great – there is so much more that could and should be done. In many cases, knowing just a little can go a long way.

I was lucky to find a printer who shares my passion. Needless to say, I wanted the print quality of this book to be second to none. You can’t preach the importance of quality with a shoddy book! Partnering with Göteborgstryckeriet was perfect. They have long since been famous for superb printing with beautiful books on their résumé. But even more perfectly they are now bringing that technology and experience into packaging with their new venture: Box&Display.

I think Göteborgstryckeriet, with their level of service, is a breath of fresh air in an industry dominated by pretty inflexible elephants. It’s a true family business lead by Magnus Iversén, who took over as a mere teenager when his father passed away unexpectedly. Printing is never taken lightly and with Box&Display Magnus aims for packs with the highest degree of refinement, pleasing customers with great demands on quality and finish. Customers like me!

Let this be our first lesson: Sometimes it’s better to go with an eager and talented newcomer. With humility and ambition it’s easier to create something different and make some waves. Now get the book for 18 more lessons on great packaging communication! And don’t forget, burn after reading.

Thanks to Magnus Iversén and everybody at Göteborgstryckeriet Box & Display for making the book become a reality!

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