Apr 04

Why More?

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Here it is… the pack which, by saying next to nothing, says a lot.

A friend at www.packagingsense.com had to design a pack for an artist’s project (Ulf Rollof) for headphones, that is to say a unique product sold in special shops – the opposite of a FMCG product. To put more text or information on this pack would have no doubt lowered its value. So what did the designer Peter Herrmann do?

First: he chose a raw, unbleached cardboard which, in a case like this, i superior to for instance polished metal.

Second: the only words are ”Ulf Rollof Headphones” embossed in a typeface especially designed for this project, small and in the corner. No illustration!

Third: nothing else!

The pack contains not only the headphones, but also accessories, a hand-sewn bag and a hand-bound black leather book. The book explains the patent for these special headphones ans shows photographs of people from the Third world using them. This almost creates a cultural shock between the two worlds…high tech vs. rural lifestyle.

What is the learning from this project? Well, if the product is unique, it sells itself without any marketing ”bullcrap” as we today put on our packages. Yes, there is a salesman in the shop to close the deal, of course.

Lars Wallentin

See more of Peter Herrmanns design work at: http://www.herrmann.se/

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