Sep 26

The perfect marriage

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Surprising title when it comes to packaging communication? The title could also have been“Don’t change a winning formula”.

Bonne Maman from Andros has become one of my favourite brands since its very beginning in 1971. A simple and unique identity which you find both on the pack, on point-of-sale material, as well as in advertising.

This brings me to the perfect marriage, i.e. the way the pack design is shown in another media, in this case print advertising which has not changed for years. It is simple, emotional, it is telling a story, has little text (consumers do not read texts on ads unless they are highly surprising) and last, but not least, the jar looks as if placed on the ad and gives, thanks to elegant shadows, a 3-dimensional effect, especially with the lid leaning against the jar. Thus the jar is open, suggesting the aroma of the product. Compare this with the number of closed packs one sees in advertising!

The apricots in the foreground amplify taste as the label has no illustration. Handwritten (i.e. script) labels communicate ‘housemade’ and if you add to this the RTB or slogan “C’est toi que j’aime tant”, you have first-class communication. Well done, Bonne Maman!

P.S.: As I travel quite a lot, I often find the Bonne Maman mini-jars at the breakfast table. Can sampling be done in a more efficient way? I doubt

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