Nov 24

15 Questions to package design agencies

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Do you develop the briefing together with your client?

Do you look for the big idea before you design the pack?

Do you design the brand’s key visual(s) before you design the pack?

Do you give your client the one solution which you believe in as an expert and then max. 2-3 alternatives, or do you design 8 alternatives to choose from?

Do you constantly, on your own initiative, suggest improvements to your clients to designs you or other agencies have done for them?

Do you stimulate creative thinking by constantly ‘educating’ your client with articles, books, seminars, etc.?

Do you encourage your own people to take initiatives to improve working methods or team work? Don’t forget that you do not need more than two people to create a team!

Do you push all your people to sketch, be it account people, illustrators, art directors, etc.?

Do you stimulate good handwriting? Steve Jobs did!

Do you share knowledge with other design friends?

Do you go storechecking at least once a month?

Do you all speak English in the agency?

Do you send out my book 🙂 or any other book on design as an end-of-the-year gift?

Do you dress up when you meet your client?

Do you present your design proposals with explanatory comments to your client, avoiding emotional remarks such as ‘I like or dislike’?

… well, then you are doing very well! Joyeux Noël!

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