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Sell your city, country or region

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The origin of raw materials such as cacao or coffee is one way of promoting a country or region. This is done quite often, be it with or without quality seals as “Café de Colombia” or “Rainforest Alliance Certified”.

Packages which promote a city or a country do now and then appear as promotions during sports and other cultural events or for centenary celebrations.

This time I looked at packages both sold tax free in airports or in down town supermarkets. I’ve chosen 4 ‘destinations’: Dublin, Hong Kong, Thailand and Ansterdam.

As the design style for this type of packages needs art to heighten the value and hopefully make them to collectors’ items, I obviously like Bewley’s from Dublin least as it is a bit too ‘simple’.

So let us have a look at Neuhaus Amsterdam which takes you on a trip by boat or on a bicycle to see the famous tulips. It is interesting to notice that no product illustration appears on the front (but obviously on the back!). Same can be said in the case of the Hong Kong confectionary. This pack is today hanging on our wall in the living as we see it as a painting!

The collection of the 4 Thai Heart Made packs is a great example of storytelling packages. It can be noticed that these designs sell first the products, then the Thai landscapes and only in the third position the brand as it plays a minor role when packs are sold as memory gifts. I find the balance between food photography and illustration particularly good, seeing the product well placed in the foreground.

Package design is often referred to as folk art. These examples no doubt confirm this!

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