Jul 16

The living brand

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In teaching Marketing, one often compares a brand to a living person. Why do we do this? Because a great brand must be ‘living’, either through new product developments or through constant change of its visual appearance. When I say “change of appearance”, it does not mean a change in any direction. A great strong brand has always a clear positioning and that’s what decides what can be done to continuously stay top of mind.

Some brands do this very well, as for instance Coca-Cola with their special editions or Toblerone who play with their specific typography.

As we are in the middle of the World Cup when I’m writing this article, I would like to ‘promote’ a great design and that is the World Cup’s special edition of “Pringoooals”. If you wish to always be top of mind, you have to do something to your pack. Toblerone and Caprice des Dieux are good exampes.

A few weeks ago, the well-known French cheese Caprice des Dieux has, as almost every year, a special edition where the word ‘Dieux’ has been changed into ‘Mamans’ (mothers). I have no figures on what extra sales such temporary changes do to sales, but as Toblerone does it since at least 10-15 years, it must pay off!

July 2014

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