Dec 03

The HaHaHa Pentaward

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One day, I was sitting with my old friends Brigitte and Jean Jacques Evrard, chatting about humour, one of our favourite topics. I mentioned that humour seems to have no place in today’s business world. Digitalisation has made us so efficient that there is no time to lay back, think and smile. So Jean Jacques said: “Why don’t we give a special award for the most funny pack and you are the chief jury?” Said and done!

Here we are, a year later, with Springetts’ great creation “Just Laid”. For those who were not in Tokyo and don’t know the reasons why this design was chosen among several other funny packs, here they are in a nutshell:

  1. a great, very balanced calligraphic logotype;
  2. a funny word with two meanings;
  3. a well-chosen colour scheme;
  4. a simple layout with little text;
  5. a great technical solution: press behind to open;
  6. it’s not vulgar;
  7. This solution may not have been 100% according to briefing. An agency should always do better than a briefing;
  8. Yes, it is a concept only, but Pentawards are there to promote any creative pack design.

Today’s business world seems to me to have become less creative due to best practice, guidelines and the “middle management syndrome” (i.e. take no risks). It is therefore refreshing that a contest like the Pentawards can promote highly creative solutions such as “Just Laid”!


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