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Why “Packagingsense” was created

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One day when I was teaching in my native Sweden, Johan Kruse, a local marketing expert, heard me and proposed that package design communication, as well as in store communication, not to speak of advertising, could be far better if my simple message “simplify in order to amplify” were spread to a wider audience. Said and done. The www.packagingsense.com site was created and a book on the subject produced. I am today working on article No 182 and there are many more issues up my sleeve! I strongly recommend the readers to click on it every now and then, as I regularly inform about the strengths and the  weaknesses in our profession.

My book in English is now sold out (I am looking for a sponsor to reprint it, as well as a second one), but still available in Chinese and in Russian.

January, 2015

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