Mar 31

Epda and why the exchange of ideas is essential

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Today, it is more essential than ever to belong to a group. We can, no doubt, inform ourselves through the Internet on specific issues or via the professional press, not to forget websites like Dieline and maybe even this one!

However, one thing is information, the other is learning. Learning to understand, evaluate and progress.

Having been part of the package design world for some 50 years, I’m quite surprised to see how little interested design agencies seem to be in meeting with like-minded people and exchange knowledge which, no doubt, would be a win-win situation.

Why do I say this? Because I was always surprised to see how few European design (packaging, graphic, etc.) agencies belong to the epda association. Yes, many agencies are part of an association in their local market which means that they are basically exposed to one and the same culture while, today, it is important to understand different cultures, be it Germanic, Anglosaxon, Latin, Nordic, Russian, etc.

Is it because epda has too low a profile? Maybe. Is it because epda could have a better program for junior designers eager to learn? Could be. Is it because membership is too expensive? Could be, but should not!

As I have been to numerous meetings (less lately, as I have given priority to my own teaching program), I can say that I have

–          got new contacts;

–          learned about failure and success stories;

–          learned from speakers outside the fairly narrow packaging world;

–          had a lot of fun whilst discovering great places, not to forget excellent food and drinks in good company, etc.

I write these lines hoping that the designers who have taken the time to read www.packagingsense might also join epda, if they have not already done so!

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