May 19

Henry went modern!

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… was it a good decision? I’ll find out next time I am in Ireland!

Many of you have certainly read my article about Henry Keogh in Oughterard, the real salesman! I was back in Henry’s shop a couple of days ago and what did I find? Henry had changed his handwritten messages to nicely printed ones!

Yes, Henry was so pleased with my article and therefore thought he could do even better, but I believe Henry made two mistakes…

First, he doubled the number of signs which has the effect of diluting the most important messages. Learning: concentrate on a few, but make them even stronger! At least that is my experience.

Second, the messages are now all nicely printed, i.e. not produced in Henry’s own handwriting. Learning: a handwritten message is more personal, thus more convincing than a mass-produced printed one!

So next time I’m back in Connemara, Henry and I will have a discussion about communication, over a Guinness… or two, as I’d like to learn more from the salesman Henry!

LW/May 2015

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