Jun 08

Needing a magnifying glass…

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For many, package design means surface design, structural design, graphical design, but unfortunately not communication design. That’s a pity!

Because package design is mainly about communication,

communication of:

–          branding (that gives trust);

–          appetite appeal or product appeal;

–          usage instructions;

–          useful information about the product, such as ingredients, calory content or vegetarian cuisine.

So why then is the information on the side or back panels of such low design quality, when the front is usually highly creative and attractive? Because most package designers do not really care, nor do most brand managers.

Now please do not tell me that there is not enough space or too much text!

–          If you treat the information as a page in a daily journal;

–          if you follow common sense and not (very often) outdated guidelines;

–          if you understand the meaning of hierarchy;

–          if you ask the consumer what she really needs as information;

–          if you print texts ‘en suite’ and not in space taking table form or with unnecessary frames;

–          if you reduce the amount of text to what is legally accepted and get rid of ‘marketing chatter’…

then my wife does not need to take out the magnifying glass when she wants to know the ingredients in a food product!

LW/May 2015

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