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Why are chips packaging so exciting?

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I believe there is no other category in a supermarket that has more creative design solutions than the potato chip sachets!

Some years ago, I would have put breakfast cereals first, but these designs have lately become overloaded and complicated, as they try to look ‘healthier’ and at the same time often carry a promotion.

The chips category has not fallen into this trap. This product is and will always be a snack, just as a bar of chocolate. In this category, the designer and the brand manager are often concentrating on being different which is what creativity is all about.

Of course it helps that the sachet surface is usually quite large, though I think it has more to do with the fact that the more we have to do with pleasure food, the more effort is put into the design to make it attractive.

The Anglo-Saxon markets have obviously the best designs. They are so good that we see them now in the big department stores all over Europe. Tyrrell’s, REAL and John & John are three good examples. The most distributed brand is obviously Pringles, here in a highly creative variation.

I am normally not a fan of human faces on pack designs, but as always, there are exceptions. Some time ago, I found Chipsters’ Lastu in Finland, a design that looked at me in the shop!

Go local is today obviously a strong design trend. Hand Made Yorkshire Crisps are no doubt a typical example.

The number of ‘Handcooked’ chips grows for each day and so do the ‘natural’, as well as the ‘sea salted’ ones (Tesco, Roger’s, Cape Cod).

The Taffel chips pack I found in Finland presents an interesting graphical solution, very 3D!

The Swiss MIGROS Farm Chips is an excellent example of useful market research. The consumer will tell them which of the two “A vs. B”  will sell most. Congratulations MIGROS!

It goes without saying that the back panels of almost all of the abovementioned packages are good examples of ‘service panel designs’, amplifying freshness, naturalness, crispiness, etc. I have chosen the Swiss Zweifel KEZZ Chips as an example which could of course have been better structured. More about that in other articles. The back panel communication is still not good enough!

LW/July 2015

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