Oct 26

It’s local!

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… and it’s in your big supermarket! One of the most visible trends in today’s fast moving consumer goods markets is no doubt the arrival of small local producers in the big supermarket chains.

How refreshing! … to now have the choice between buying from and supporting a local business or getting ‘factory-made’ products which sometimes come from the other side of the world.

I saw many examples of such locally produced products during my last holiday in Ireland and when I was in Zurich last week, I discovered new local Swiss products in Globus’ department store.

When I go to my local supermarket, I’m now even told where my apples, my salad, my strawberries or my eggs come from! These local products are of course often a bit more expensive than the big brands, but I believe that most consumers, at least in Switzerland, have been well informed how important it is to support local producers.

Some years ago, local products were often quite badly designed, as it was most likely done by the owner. I am happy to see that today’s local products have package illustrations that

–          are designed

–          are very emotional

–          have quite a good hierarchy

–          are often transparent

–          are using attractive materials.

I’m sure that the readers will find equally good examples in their local supermarkets. Buy them! Go local! It’s good for yourself, the environment and the producer or farmer!

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