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Once only, please, but BIG!

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When designing packages, or even advertising and POS material, there is one golden rule often ignored by designers: have the main message, i.e. mostly the brand, rather once BIG than several times small! Indeed, most great designs have as few design elements as possible.

I thought of this unwritten rule when I found the can of sardines shown below. It struck me not only because it highlights the words “sans arêtes”, but also that it has basically no brand, just a visual identity! Interesting! Now comes the question: does a pack need a brand? Well, in fact not, according to legislation. Furthermore, does a pack need to mention the net weight? Yes, but not necessarily on the front.

Another example in line with the above and basically little branding is the Citterio “taglio fresco” (fresh cut) which is obviously a better sales argument than a logotype. The English call such expressions ‘loaded words’. These two packages (sans arêtes/taglio fresco) are excellent examples of ‘once BIG rather than several times small’.

My advice to package designers: go study the legislation and discover how lucky we are in Europe! We can do great pack designs, as we don’t have to put lots of information on the front – they can be on the back or on the side panels.

The Lipton tea pack seems to have been designed following guidelines to the letter. Why repeat “Green Tea” three times? I believe that the more guidelines we have which stipulate that certain texts be in a certain position, the less we use our common sense.

Lw/December 2015

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