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The Kasperskian Story

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The most interesting project I had during 2015 was no doubt the work on the identity for a new caviar factory in Wallis, the canton next to where I live.

The width of the project made it fascinating. Moreover, it was a job without guidelines, nor were there any preconceived ideas. Well, when I got the job which I did together with the local ARD Design agency, the two seahorses which are the company’s icons/symbols had already been decided upon, but not in a fixed position.

The interesting point with this project is that a brand can have two different identities, something I learned from Peter Brabeck during my Nestlé years. So, instead of designing a Kasperskian logotype and then use this identity for the two different caviar products, we were given the freedom of designing a unique white identity for “Caviar with life” (when the fish is not killed, but its roe merely squeezed out) and a black identity for the traditional caviar (when the fish is killed at the age of 7 years after having taken its roe).

Another reason which made this project so special was to follow the creative passion of my designer friend Patrick Gaudard. To take an example, Patrick walked a long way above Zermatt to find a small stream in which he placed the tin of caviar, creating a beautiful photograph in the fresh, splashing water.

This was not only a pack design. It was a project including everything from interior design to signage, brochures and last, but not least, some 12 different tins with labels, sealing tapes, etc.

At the beginning of the project, I knew very little about caviar production, be it in Poland, China, Chile, France, Italy, etc. It has to be noted here that, today, there are very few sturgeons in the Kaspian Sea or in the Volga, as they now swim in fish farms in the countries just mentioned.

The project was also challenging, as the “Caviar with life” is a new concept, so the design had to be unique. It is based upon the fact that for each time the fish is being ‘milked’, the caviar pearls get bigger and this is translated visually on the pack design.

For those who wish to know more about the Kasperskian caviar in Wallis, here is the website:

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