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When 1 + 1 = 3!

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I would believe that, in today’s supermarkets, at least 30% of all products, packed or unpacked, are sold with some sort of promotion, mainly relating to price. Many books have been written about the efficiency of promotional activities. I will therefore not discuss the subject in depth. I will just quote, as an introduction, whoever said once “If you offer more than what is expected, the consumer will always come back”. It’s about a certain generosity, a word I do not often hear when I work with FMCG companies!

There are mainly 2 types of promotions involving packages:

1. On-pack promotions as a price offer or something free;
2. Combining two products that enhance each other, i.e.
–   too different packs;
–   a pack and a fresh unpacked product (mayonnaise and asparagus)
–   a packed product plus, for instance, a tool or any other gift;
–   a pack that turns into something else and can be saved, like a tin, etc.

There are numerous possibilities, all you need is a little bit of creativity!

Here is what you specially have to think about when developing a promotion involving a pack:

– Don’t forget the positioning of your brand. A promotion is a great opportunity to reinforce the positioning;
– Keep your message simple and make it engaging;
– Create an integrated campaign. On-pack promotions are mostly accompanied by off-pack campaigns to have a real impact;
– Build an in-store display that highlights your offer and don’t forget, products are here more important than brands;
– Remember who is buying… and who is consuming… not always the same person!
– Be brave! If you don’t surprise, you do nothing! Soft promotions don’t exist!
– Make it a memorable experience. Promotions are about brand building!
– Don’t waste a lot of text, so make it
brutally simple
amazingly intriguing
immediately impactful

LW/March 2016

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