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When I write these lines, the EUROFOOT has started and the shops are full of promotional packs from Heineken beer to Panini stickers.

I like promotions, especially if the promotional pack is different to the standard one or when an offer looks like a bargain which is obviously the case with “lot de 2 pots”… so far so good.

However, when analysing these promotional packs, one quickly realises what is  happening today in many FMCG companies. Instead of cleaning out the packs from unnecessary information in order to make space for the promotion, the brand manager just adds the promotional copy or illustration somewhere in such a way that the design looks like a dog’s dinner!

A great opportunity has been missed and that is very clear on both the “Knacki Football” and the “Apéricube, les saveurs des supporters”.

I imagine what a great design it could have been if, on the Knacki, the footballs had been highlighted by putting the structured balls in the foreground!

Same comments for the Apéricubes where the cubes do have good questions (though no flags), but nothing highlighted to catch the shopper’s eyes.

As I love to analyse and see how ‘bad’ design can be turned into something more exciting, I did an exercise with Cadbury’s Dairy Milk €1 pack with the great idea of using the “&” sign to highlight the two flavours “fruit & nut”. As it is about taste and chocolate, why not amplify the “&” sign which

–          makes the pack look bigger
–          has more chocolate taste
–          has more fruit & nut

still maintaining a strong Dairy Milk identity!

This is just an exercise to explain how to go from bad to good… a professional designer could certainly take it to excellent. But for this exercise, one can of course not stick to hampering guidelines!

LW/July 2016

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