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Don’t sell design… sell products!

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As I go through airports and their various shops and as I discuss design with different designers, one thing strikes me more than anything else: the pack designs could be so much more efficient if the designer were more attentive to the fact that the main role of pack design is to sell a product and not a design!

In our profession dealing with art and the aesthetical side of communication, we are often tempted to put more importance on the design as such, forgetting that we are in the business of SELLING A PRODUCT. Our main task is to try to convince a consumer to buy a given product and not necessarily through high aesthetics. This means that the USP, the RTB or maximal appetite appeal must explain why this product deserves to be bought more than another.

The best way to do that is to show the product and it is here things often go wrong! I’m convinced that, if the Portuguese chocolate bar recently bought in Porto would also show chocolate (and had better expressed that it is dark), sales would increase.

I also believe that if the two Albert Ménès packs had shown small illustrations as Duc d’O, they would sell more.

This being said, there are products packed in what I would call ‘category design’ like for instance sardines where I would make an exception, as the illustration would most likely have no influence on purchase. The same can be said about certain sweets, when the type of pack (here a tin) will not allow for a high resolution illustration.

If the “Bonne Maman” tin is, in my opinion, both good communication and good art, I believe that the bag-in-box wine SMART DOG would have gained having somewhere a reference to wine.

The point I’m trying to make is: don’t sell design, sell a product, or why not both, as Italian pack designs very often do!

LW/July 2016

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