Aug 17

Be proud!

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YES, be proud of your brand! Because without a brand, you don’t exist. So when you communicate, be it by advertising, packaging or in-store information, see to it that the consumer cannot avoid seeing your brand. Thus, in most cases, the brand must be a disturbing element.

Why do I say this today, when it is so obvious in modern marketing and brand building? Well, it looks as if many of my colleagues in marketing seem to have forgotten this element, especially in advertising, be it print, TV or even outdoor.

The reason I bring it up today is that Ford has recently had two campaigns for their GT and Mustang cars, creating two ads I just couldn’t miss, although I’m not a car aficionado.

In this context, it is worth questioning why so few advertisers use the full TV screen in their communication. That is why I give you here a Coca-Cola ad which, in its simplicity, communicates
– strong branding
– maximum appetite appeal and no other elements! In other words, back to basics.

As this site is mostly about packaging, I profit to mention the latest Schweppes ad which shows

a) only the interesting part of the pack, i.e. the bottle
b) the bottle open, i.e. the ‘taste’ is let out
c) very little text
d) a layout with a bull’s eye effect
e) highest contrasting colours, blue vs. yellow for maximal impact.


I’d like to sum up this article with an advice I got around 1970 at a design conference in London by the man who, at that time, was one of the world’s leading designers, Irv Koons. He said: “When you have finished your design, then make your brand 20% bigger!”

LW/August 2016

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