Oct 25

Fill it up!

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The computer is no doubt a wonderful tool that speeds up the designing of an ad, a pack or a POS display. It has just one big disadvantage: the person who sits behind a screen is often far away from reality. Today, about 80% of outdoor ads are too badly designed to be read and understood from a distance! The same applies to many packages. Why is this? Because we do not use the full space given to us and we seldom check if a pack, an ad, POS, etc. communicates in reality!

The illustrations I have chosen make it very clear. Out of these three ads, only McDonald’s masters layout, text and product communication. You find these three ads in a crossing where drivers and pedestrians have more important things to do than reading ads. However, I can guarantee that the McDonald’s ad will be noticed (although busy for a McDonald’s ad this time).

So advertising should use the full space. Coca-Cola shows the same approach on their TVC’s and so do Snickers, Mars, Boddingtons, etc. in pack design!

LW/October 2016

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