Feb 20

Can Sampling be better?

Posted by Wallentin in Advertising

A pack can be primary or secondary, but it can even be an advent calendar!

Before Christmas, I saw a lot of them, mostly containing chocolate and other sweets.

Now and then, in life, you fall on something exceptional and that’s what I did at the beginning of last December. My attention got caught by a fascinating calendar and I could’nt resist buying it. What did I find inside if not a collection of Sephora’s products for half the price, as it was December the 3rd. The more windows I opened together with my daughter, the more I was impressed by this type of sampling.

I will, of course, never know if this calendar was a success for Sephora, but one thing is sure, I can see the potential of ‘sampling advent calendars’ that offer a bit more than just molded chocolate pieces!


LW/February 2017

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