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There are many ways of improving what you do. The best is no doubt to be curious of what’s happening around you by looking at competition, doing the obligatory store checking, visiting Dieline or why not

Another approach to knowledge, perfection and being ahead of others is no doubt to… compete!

If you win prizes and maybe even stardom… you most likely wish to stay on top! To do that, you have to constantly improve, i.e. learn more in order to be more efficient, faster and hopefully make more money.

There are different competitions to take part in, the Pentawards being the ‘nec plus ultra’. But there are also other ones such as the Red Dot Design Award.

Why not look beyond and even create a design for the future to inspire the world of packaging? A new competition has just been launched by the European Packaging Design Association.

Some of you may say “we have no time for that”. To this, I usually answer: “if you do not set aside time for improving, close your business!”

Luckily, a design agency is not like a factory where you have to be at your work station from 8 to 5 (or whatever), but an environment where flexible hours are a must, as creativity is something that comes and goes. Participating in a competition? Well, you may do this when you are inspired, on a Saturday afternoon, on a Monday evening, well even over lunch time while eating your sandwich and drinking your Coke or your Red Bull!

A new competition has just been launched (, so why not try to do something exceptional, as, this time, there is no brand manager holding your pen and telling you to stick to the guidelines! Good luck!

PS:   please note that the competition is open to any designer!

PPS: an advice from Lars: “Do not forget that the role of a pack design is to sell, so this is not just a beauty contest.”

LW/March 2017

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