Mar 30

Where are you from?

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Walking up the Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich the other day, I passed the Davidoff Cigar shop. It struck me once more that one of the most visible trends in marketing, these days, is to inform the consumer about the origin of a brand or rather a company. It is clear, for me, that adding … of Geneva is more positive than just writing Davidoff. There are 3 reasons for this:

  1. Geneva has a positive image (it’s Swiss, it’s the home of the UN, the WHO, etc. and it’s known for quality watches);
  2. it stands for quality, as new consumers might believe that Davidoff is Russian. In fact, it is a Ukranian immigrant coming to Geneva as a child at the beginning of last century that became the greatest cigar specialist worldwide;
  3. in a world with more and more misinformation, it is a positive point to state where from you are!

By the way, I bought a bottle of water in Zurich and what did it say: “local water”.

I can give many more examples – you’ll find them in another article on this site under “from global to local”.


LW/February 2017

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