May 23

The reality check

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I have recently updated my “advice to a brand manager”, as I noticed that I had, at stage 3, forgotten the importance of the reality check!

The reason why I bring it up in this article is the following: with the arrival of the design computer, indeed a facilitating tool, there is more than ever the tendency that a design is being judged on a computer screen and not in reality.

By the way, one thing I learned quite early during my Nestlé years was to constantly update guidelines which is what I am doing with the “5 step formula”. I would hate to hear that young designers and brand managers  make the same mistakes the previous generation did.

The McDonald’s ad, compared to the other two, is an excellent example of an outdoor ad that can be read and understood from a distance. I’m sure that the designers who did the other two ads never checked how legible the message would be in reality, i.e. understood when passing by, driving your car. They were ok in the design studio, but not outside in a busy environment. So, folks… do it BIG or stay in bed!

LW/November 2016

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