May 26

Don’t test your new pack design

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No two consumers in the world have the same opinion, nor is there any consumer who knows your positioning… so all you can test is whether or not a consumer likes a design.

This being said, I am in no way against testing, as that is one way of measuring  certain forms, colours, icons, etc. in relation to communication.

So what then should you test? First of all, start with one thing at a time. If you have designed a new brand logotype, ask the consumer’s opinion about it when it is not yet on the pack, but in isolation, with no disturbing elements around. You may then find out things you would not have seen by yourself, as you might be too close to your own project.

Another thing you can test quite easily is the appetite appeal of an illustration, also here in isolation. You may, as above, test one illustration against 2-3 others, as you then get a more elaborate answer.

Don’t test copy, as your copywriter knows very well the value of the words used and don’t test the type of pack if you already have decided which production line you will use (for economical and practical reasons).

By the way, we all know what the various materials express: plastic is less ‘noble’ than glass, an aluminium can feels colder than a glass bottle, etc.

Once you’ve got feedback as to your brand logotype and/or icon, the illustration, the best-selling call-to-action, a good designer knows how to put it all together to obtain a design with

  • – optical size impression
  • – easy readability
  • – maximal contrast
  • – correct hierarchy
  • – respecting legal requirements, etc.

Learning: Measure likes or dislikes to individual parts of a design by asking the consumers, but never ask their opinion about the full pack design.


LW/November 2016

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