Jun 09

The Ritual

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It took me a long time… in fact almost 30 years of my career as design adviser, to discover the fantastic power of one of the strongest media, “the ritual”. The ritual creates a strong bond between the brand and the consumer, be it with the product itself or through packaging.

Some of the best examples I know of (there are certainly many more) are:

  • – how to drink a Corona
  • – how to pour a Schneider Weisse
  • – how to enjoy an Oreo cookie
  • – how to open and read a Baci
  • – how to open Apéricubes
  • – how to open a Babybel

If you manage to develop a pack in such a way that it is outstanding, unique and original through easy handling or even fun handling, it will give you a memorable advantage!

I can see the surprised faces in my public when I teach and unfold, in front of them, an Apéricube and eat it or when I put the slice of lime into the Corona bottle and drink this great beer, not to forget when I lick an Oreo biscuit and dip it into milk!

As for the Schneider Weisse, for those who have never heard of this beer, here is how you drink it: Rinse a beer glass in cold water. Hold it at a slight angle and pour. To get the full taste, you leave a swallow of beer in the bottle. Roll the bottle between your hands and pour the rest.

So next time you develop a pack for a new product, THINK RITUAL!


LW/May 2017

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