Jun 13

Common Sense

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Most brand managers in Europe believe that full nutritional information in a table form is a must… wrong! Nor is it necessary in the US, depending on the size of the pack. Sun-Maid raisins is a good example. Also, it becomes a bit absurd when, on water bottles, one finds a lot of zeros (no calories, for instance).

It is therefore refreshing to see one of the latest Coca-Cola designs I found in the UK which says “fat, saturates, protein, salt – negligible amount”. Wow, common sense! What is important to the consumer on a coke is information about calories, i.e. energy and sugar content that everybody understands and this should be clearly marked.

Is this the beginning of common sense? I hope so! More detailed information can anyhow be given, for instance, through the QR code!

I am not against complete information when it has a sense, as for instance on the S.Pellegrino and Aqua Panna labels.

But I’m totally against filling panels with so much text that you can’t read it, especially if you have a certain age… See the 2 sides on Aquafresh!



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