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The origin is essential, so explain it well!

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I have already written an article on the subject, but as the trend to buy local is stronger than ever, I thought it would be worth mentioning a few more examples. This week, our local Lidl will promote 15-20 products with the local language, Swiss-German, and give them personal names, such as

  • Ueli’s Delikatessen
  • Gabriel im Engelbergertal
  • Rudolf’s Original or
  • Frieda’s Traum

During our holidays in Ireland, I found O’Donnells crisps “of Tipperary” and Irish Hereford Premium Beef Steak Mince produced in “County Cork”.

My Swedish friend Bosse Wallteg informed me about Mjölk “från Wermlands Mejeri”, i.e. milk from County Värmland. In France, you’ll find, since some time, Patrimoine Gourmand that promotes regional specialities such as Sardines “de Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie au Pays de la Loire”. We all know that the South of France is a real garden. Thus the Fraises “de Carpentras” and “Savourez le Vaucluse”.

However, what strikes me with these local products is that only half the job is done, as the local issue appears only on the front (no doubt as a sales message) and is not followed up on the back.

I believe that selling is about strengthenig the bond between the consumer/buyer/user and the brand/company that makes a product. This bond can only be strong if you give reasons for choosing the product in question.

Food products, which I mainly deal with, are about taste, quality, convenience, etc. The back panel text can and should amplify this. Furthermore, thanks to digital printing technology, the text can be changed, i.e. updated and improved endlessly.

I see that very few brands profit from this, the reason being probably that it gives more work to the brand manager and the designer! I find this a pity, as there is so much to be said to amplify the advantage of being local… freshness, for instance, ecology, etc.

To promote this thinking, I have started work on my 4th book which will have the title “Read my pack”, maybe something for you to look forward to…


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