Jun 20

Choose the Best Material

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I’m reading in the newspaper that in a basically stagnant market, Lindt shows great sales figures… This is, without doubt, due to

  1. great chocolate recipes
  2. TV advertising that highlights the taste and the tradition which results in high quality
  3. good distribution, etc.

I have obviously no information where Lindt makes the best sales, but one thing I’m convinced of are the two seasonal shapes: the Christmas bear and the Easter rabbit, not to forget the way they are exposed on POS!

During a recent visit to Ireland where one finds the English packs, I could see, with my own eyes, the difference between two similar products, i.e. rabbits from Lindt and Maltesers from Mars with the very English pun MaltEasters…

i.e. Lindt’s rabbits and Mars’ MaltEasters.

Yes, the products are not identical and Mars’ products, I believe, less expensive, but the conclusion I draw is the following:

  • – why hide the shape in a flowpack when the product can be highlighted with just a thin aluminium film;
  • – gold is no doubt the best material to express quality and gift feeling;
  • – the addition of the red ribbon with the golden bell hightens considerably the impression of a handmade product;
  • – the reflexion of light that makes the aluminium glitter is also a plus;
  • – as Lindt seems not to be bound to any brand guidelines for these products, they can amplify the POS with the shape and not, what is usual, the logotype.

Why do I write this? Because I have a feeling that, when we design packs in front of a computer, we easily forget the impact the right material has on SALES!


LW/June 2017

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