Jun 23

Once again… do it BIG!

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I have many times repeated my mantra: “Do it BIG or stay in bed!” To design BIG is one of the best solutions to stand out on the shelves (pack design) or to be seen in any type of advertising.

During our Easter holidays in Ireland, I found two Easter Egg packs which stood out. Quite different, but highly unique both of them: the Lion Bar and the Snickers cartons. In the case of Snickers, I wonder if it was a real success, as my experience tells me that the consumers want to see what they are buying… but I can be wrong, of course.

I’m definitely not wrong when I give 10/10 to the Kellogg’s single service packs. I picked them up at breakfast in my hotel. I just say wow!

I have already mentioned the current Ford campaigns which I find outstanding, as advertising of cars is, of course, mainly about branding.

However, brand managers and pack designers still have a long way to go when it comes to turn the display trays into an advertising space, i.e. get rid of brands (they are on the cans) in order that the message can be read from a bigger distance. See my proposal for “boost up your sales”.



LW/June 2017

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