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My two Prides

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How do you judge a great pack design? One way is certainly its longevity on the market, with or without cosmetic updating.

When I participate in design projects, I normally do not know what happens once the pack is printed and the product enters the market. However, now and then I have the possibility to follow the progress of a pack (a product) on the market when it is close to where I live. That is why I have some pride in seeing how two French brands have become highly successful from the day I was involved in creating/updating them.

One day, many years ago, Nestlé France wanted to launch a cooking/baking chocolate already available on Anglo-saxon markets. As the briefing said “homemade, traditional and everyday use”, I said: “craft paper”. The rest is history. Now all the me-too products are in craft paper!

The other design was more of an update, i.e.

  • – optimise branding
  • – optimise comprehenson
  • – optimise appetite appeal
  • – optimise back panel without photocell, i.e. continuous print

Well, it’s also history, with one improvement which came later on: the “best before…” has been highlighted and put smack in the middle, as it is so important for a chilled product.

The back panel is of course totally new, but follows my suggested idea to work without photocell (i.e. higher speed) and in post-it style.

LW/June 2017

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