Jul 11

Brand or Company

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Whenever I can, I try to make brand managers understand the difference (seen from the consumer’s point of view) between a brand that can stand for

  • – taste
  • – convenience
  • – modernity
  • – varieties, etc.

and a company that always will stand for

  • – trust and tradition
  • – innovation
  • – size
  • – origins, etc.

Thus, the brand belongs to the front of the pack and the company to the back (preferably with an explanation). However, in an advertisement, if the brand manager wants both the brand and the company to appear, these have to be clearly separated, as it is the BRAND that is going to be bought in the shop.

I do not understand when, as in this ice cream ad, the brand is so to speak played against the company… what is it? Unilever or Carte d’Or?

I don’t think the Unilever logotype adds anything here and, if taken away, I  would make Carte d’Or far more important. Advertising is normally about making a brand stand out and be memorised.


LW/July 2017


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