Jul 14

Why Complicate…

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… if it is as simple as selling 7 tomatoes? I think it is high time to stop and think it over. Do we really need to inform the consumer about so much? Or can we do it as simple as the Denner pack for 100 four-ply tissues?

You may say that you can’t compare something you eat with something you blow your nose with. Well, that’s right, but my point is to bring to the reader’s attention that certain categories of products are easy to understand, while in others, there is a tendency to complicate matters.

  1. Do we really need to tell the consumer that a tomato is a vegetable (in fact, it is a fruit);
  2. Do we really need to tell the consumer, on this small surface, that it is recommended to eat every day 5 servings of fruits and vegetables (please note the non-readable text around the “5”);
  3. do bio tomatoes also need to have a brand, “Gustosa”?
  4. do we have to tell the consumer that 7 tomatoes (not marked) make 300g? Yes, one needs net weight, but not that big;
  5. why duplicate bio with both bio and biosuisse?
  6. do we really need a list of ingredients mentioning “bio tomatoes from Switzerland” when we have already said the same thing on other sides?
  7. do we really need to inform that there is no salt nor fat in tomatoes?

Yes, I know that the brand manager has internal guidelines and legislation to follow, but think it over, is all the above really necessary?


PS: for the sake of simplicity, I have only included 3 sides of the wrapper, as the 4th just repeats certain information.


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