Jul 21

Great News

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I am a very lucky man. Not only did I learn a lot during my 40 years at Nestlé, I now have the possibility to transmit this knowledge over my site www.packagingsense.com and also thanks to well designed books printed by Göteborgstryckeriet, one of the best book and packaging printers in Europe.

It is thanks to SIG and Ecolean, that I will publish, this Autumn, my 4th book, entitled “Read my pack”. What makes me so happy is that both companies (as Bobst and Iggesund for my 3rd book) would like the consumers to not only use their packs, but also read what’s printed on them!

Obviously, neither Ecolean nor SIG have any real influence on the design, as this lies with the users, i.e. national or multinational companies. However, by sponsoring my book, these two packaging solution providers promote great communication which is my prime objective.

If Ecolean offers consumers the most lightweight plastic pitcher packages which, once empty, flatten as an envelope, SIG offers easy to pour, beautifully printed cardboard packages like the cardboard bottle “combidome”, the first bottle that can be folded!

Both companies offer different ways to handle liquid packaging and the consumers have a choice which is always a stimulation for progress.

Thank you Ecolean and SIG! You really see packaging the way it should be seen, both as a technically sophisticated container and a great opportunity to communicate with the consumer!


LW/July 2017

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