Aug 08

This time, not a pack!

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… but a great container and a fabulous promotion!

Many of my articles underline the importance for a brand to have a simple, unique and memorable positioning… and to stick to it from one generation to another!

Today, this is not always the case, as brand managers, rightly or wrongly, try to increase sales by changing the positioning.

One brand that has been true to its initial positioning is, no doubt, Coca-Cola. It is all about refreshment, although the product, from the beginning, was more of a health, even medical drink.

During the years, this refreshing idea has been expressed in many ways and with different slogans, such as

  • –       Refresh yourself, 1924
  • –       The pause that refreshes, 1929
  • –       Ice-cold sunshine, 1932
  • –       Thirst asks nothing more, 1938
  • –       Passport to refreshment, 1945
  • –       Coca-Cola refreshes you best, 1959

or with visuals like droplets, water splashes, dew or frost on the bottles or cans, etc.

The Coca-Cola promotions have also often referred to the refreshment positioning. The latest, in a long row, is no doubt what they do this Summer and that is to offer a free bucket for the purchase of two six packs of the glass bottles.

What’s the learning? Whatever promotion you do, apart from the simple price promotion, is to amplify the positioning. This one is a good example.


LW/August 2017

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