Aug 25

Word of Mouth

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When we use the expression “word of mouth” in marketing, we mean the passing of an information from person to person about a brand, a product or a service. The most common form of word of mouth communication is no doubt storytelling.

If we should call “word of mouth” a media (and think of it, it’s a FREE media!), it is no doubt the most efficient one. Why? Mainly because it becomes personal. The most efficient way to transmit a message is obviously people talking to each other with facial contact.

And then it is a matter of how believable the storyteller is and how receptive the listener. Lots of marketing studies are available on this subject, but as is mainly about packaging communication, the question is how can a pack design participate or promote word of mouth in this media? Well, in designing the back or service panels accordingly.

Here is my advice:

FIRST: instead of  boring product data, why not write the information about the product as storytelling? Which means that it becomes interesting, in the best of cases so interesting that the reader will tell it to someone else. That is why you have to build in a surprise, a unique feature, a funny quote. It has to be what I would call chat worthy, i.e. easy to pass on. It could be a text about an experience, customer service, emotions, etc.

SECOND: print in an attractive, friendly and personal style texts that could read as follows:

“We hope you will be pleased with our product and be encouraged to tell your friends about it. Thank you!”

“Since we would like to always have you as a consumer, please let us know if there is anything we could do better… Thank you!”

“We are very happy you have chosen this product… We do hope you don’t keep your satisfaction just for yourself… Thank you!”

In order to give the text some authority, you may have it signed by a person in your company who is trustworthy, i.e. a CEO, a quality controller, a factory manager or the home economist if it is a food product.

It is amazing how little personal pack designs are today. As a designer, I’ve always wondered why the designer’s name is not mentioned on the pack when the creative people are mentioned for instance at the end of films, on TV programs, etc.

I just got from my friends at Nielsen a list of the top sources of new product discoveries and what came on top…?  “Friend or family told me about it…”

PS: to learn more about EFFICIENT communication, you might buy my 4th book “READ MY PACK” which will be available end September.

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