Oct 10

OXO, the first

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Beef extract sold as cubes to be dissolved in water dates back to the late 19th century. The inventor just added an “O” to “OX” and created, in 1889, one of UK’s most wellknown food brands (Liebig had invented ox stock already in 1866).

OXO is owned by Mars, Premier Foods or Knorr, depending in which part of the world you live.

When I teach branding and brand creativity, I often mention that a brand logotype does not have to appear integrally, as the consumer automatically fills in the missing letters or icon.

I’m totally against playing around with logotypes, as there is a risk that you might weaken them. However, cutting off or hiding a part of the logo can be a very useful way of communicating, say you wish to give a more important message such as NEW! or a USP which then is placed in front of the brand.

But the real reason for not showing the whole logotype is the ‘perceived size impression’… the bigger the brand, the larger your pack will look like! OXO tells us how to do it!


LW/September 2017

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