Oct 17

Do you need more than 1 colour?

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… in many cases not! But it must be said that, to arrive at a good result, i.e. obtain a design that has shelf impact, is interesting, stimulates interest, it is not easy to do this in monochrome printing. It is possible for categories that do not need appetite appeal as for instance wine (Fabelhaft) or chewing gum (first).

Looking at examples in various markets of packs in monochrome printing, I realize that, first of all, the denomination or the brand must be interesting. If you then combine your mono colour label with an interesting type of pack (Le Rustique), real appetite appeal (Tapas) or a surprising illustration (Tyrrells or Nivea), you have a winner, as such designs stand out thanks to their uniqueness. To be unique is very important when there are over 30’000 SKUs on the shelves in a grocery store.

In my latest book “Read my pack”, I push for better copywriting on packages. I don’t think you have to go as far as choosing “….in’ hot”, but why not use a popular word such as “naked” (without) or a text as “red wine warms you”…

Next time you approach a design problem, why not think monochrome? not forgetting my above advice!

LW/September 2017

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