Oct 26

Does your shipper sell your brand or your location?

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I’ve already written several articles on the subject of secondary packaging, the stepchild in the packaging world. Why is it so? Because the shipping cartons or corrugated boxes are dealt with from a technical side only, forgetting the marketing potential… unless your brand is Chiquita!

Even in the water and beer business where the display cartons are already quite good, the shipper could be better dealt with as a marketing tool, as it is a costless advertising space. Every shipper is a display carton!

Apart from certain technical data such as barcode, article number, etc., you can in most cases print a message, exactly as in advertising. This message can relate to the positioning, to a price offer, etc. but it must be BIG to achieve the required impact.

If your brand identity is very special, as in the case of Marqués de Riscal, it goes without saying that the shipper should be a copy of this unique bottle label. However, this great box design could have been even better with a message promoting the remarquable building by Frank Gehry or a mention about the ‘award-winning wine’, etc. It would make this famous wine brand even more attractive!

LW/September 2017

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