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Print inside!

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There’s always more space for communication than you think: print inside!

As a designer, it’s not enough to think 3D. When we sit in front of a computer or a drawing pad, we often forget to also think ‘inside’.

Package design is a matter of analysing where, how and what. This article wishes to promote the inside of a pack, a tray, a bottle, a carton, etc.

Yes, it is a matter of money, as any extra print or fold operation when producing a pack will add costs. However, it is very likely that this focused communication will be noticed much more than for instance advertising. Thus, you have to decide what information is most important.

Ferrero has chosen branding and appetite appeal (Giotto), various transparent bottles (glass or plastic) have a decorative element and Choco Crossies in Germany chose a funny text!

If your pack is a carton, you can, as Kellogg’s often do, inform the consumer on the inner flaps that they do not produce cereals for any other company, be it a retailer or a second brand.

There are many more possibilities and I hope these lines will stimulate you to find them!


LW/November 2017

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