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Brother and Sister (for lovers of fine dining)

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One of the leading brands in the mineral waters category is no doubt S.Pellegrino thanks to an efficient communication translated in the slogan “Fine Dining Lovers” used for both S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna, i.e. great tables/restaurants serve S.Pellegrino!

I also like the French translation of the S.Pellegrino positioning: “synonyme de l’art de vivre à l’italienne dans le monde entier”, a bit long, but a very powerful statement.

More and more consumers prefer still water to their meal. Nestlé saw the potential of a brother/sister approach and, as far as I can see, they succeeded in so to speak replacing Vittel (Nestlé) with the brand that looks like a sister to S.Pellegrino. Acqua Panna, from the beginning quite a feminine positioning in Italy, is now standing in good restaurants next to her brother S.Pellegrino. Well done, Nestlé!

The reason why I’ve selected these two labels (the S.Pellegrino green bottle was initially a wine bottle), is that the design is at the same quality level as great wine labels, i.e. masterfully blended typography!

If I often teach simplicity (do it BIG or stay in bed), these two labels are exceptional masterpieces, like the first Julius Maggi Aroma bottle, with traditional typography that expresses QUALITY, ORIGIN and UNIQUENESS which is so important for brands for which one is ready to pay a premium price. Well, that is what I call great marketing!

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I suggest that you visit the website of these two brands. Can layout and typography be done better? I doubt!


LW/November 2017

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