Jan 11

Has Pepsi woken up?

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Dear reader, look at this design and ENJOY! Well, it can still be better, but isn’t it great to re-discover a logotype equally good as Coca-Cola? Forgive me that I have forgotten in which market I picked up this can. My wish is that this special edition becomes the new standard.

I fully understood Pepsi’s campaign many years ago which led Coca-Cola to change their recipe in the US. Not only did Pepsi have a little bit sweeter taste for the young generation, but also the design looked more modern.

But as we live in a constantly changing world, it’s high time Pepsi forget their uninteresting thin logotype in favour of the great traditional one they had once upon a time! Young consumers do appreciate today something that looks as if it had been around for a long time, especially as they have not a clue of “The Pepsi Challenge!”

I make no comments to the round icon, as it speaks to me as little as the Vittel squares… I don’t think my comments matter, as it is a strong and recognisable icon, but my philosophy is that icons should tell a story.

Let us keep our fingers crossed that this ‘special edition’ has come to stay!

LW/January 2018

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