Mar 16

It’s about focusing

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The other day, I drove down to our railway station to pick up my Saturday newspapers, the Financial Times, Courrier international, Die Zeit and L’Equipe, as I’m a fan of sports.

On the way, I passed a poster that CAUGHT MY EYE, as it was simple and emotional – I could imagine myself on it. I remembered ALL I saw, the word MERCI, as well as the thanking gesture as the car stops at the pedestrian crossing!

So far, so good… but a little bit later, there were 3 posters that did not catch my eye. Nevertheless, I stopped to photograph them, as they were examples of what 90% of such outdoor posters look like. I call them “designer’s posters”, as I can imagine the designer filling a blank surface with what he or she likes, without thinking of me, the viewer.

I ask myself: when designing a poster, a pack, POS material, do we not want it to be read and understood instantly?

These 3 posters have been chosen randomly and I do not wish to comment upon them, as the reader certainly understands very well why I write these lines… with the hope that designers conceive communication not for themselves, but for the potential viewer!


LW/January 2018

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