Apr 25

Storytelling II

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Do you want to sell more? Do you wish to have a stronger link with your consumer?… Well, tell a story!

But not just any story. A story that is as emotional as possible to touch the heart more than the brain.

As the illustration says: “Those who tell stories rule the society” and it was not anybody who said it… it was Plato some 2’000 years ago and it is still valid today!

The story must be linked to the brand in such a way that the consumer remembers your brand. Your brand can tell a story through the product and its use or characteristics, but it can also be a story in a media. 

Telling a memorable story without overdoing the design is not that easy, as you have to balance out the verbal and the visual, even the symbolic in such a way that the story is quickly understood.

Today, we have a tendency to want to say as much as possible on a pack, not to forget the legal (necessary and unnecessary) information and thus drown the story. Moreover, we often look at the design on a computer screen, not next to competitors’ products and we know that on the illuminated screen everything looks great.

When we wish to tell a story, we should never forget that it is the PRODUCT that should be in focus and not the brand, so the product has to be in the foreground!

I’ve chosen a wafer biscuit as an example and, in my opinion, this design would have been a masterpiece if 3 elements had been moved to the side or back panels, as they disturb the story:

  1. the corporate brand Jacob’s, as we then could say something about the Jacob’s quality, etc.;
  2. the nutritional information which one ignores when buying ‘indulgence’ food;
  3. the net weight which could have been replaced by the number of wafers. Nobody is looking for 175g of wafers!

So if we clean out the design, we have a perfect ‘Italian wafer’ with the name MILANO (easy to remenber) and the trattoria. That’s storytelling!

When writing these lines, there is, on our local TV (maybe on many other channels), an excellent example of the above, featuring Federer and Barilla!

LW/April 2018

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